Roof and Conservatory Cleaning

Untreated moss, algae, and lichen give an unsightly appearance to your property and can also damage roof tiles. They also contribute to blocking roof gutters which can create further maintenance issues further down the line.

Our process

  • Stage 1 – Full risk assessment and survey followed by full on-roof inspection

  • Stage 2 – A total clean using a pressure wash suited to the roof type, removing all moss and lichen build up. All gutters are covered to prevent catching debris.

  • Stage 3 – Full microbiological biocide treatment applied to impregnate and prevent future germination. This kills any ground in micro spoors, it sits on the roof tiles and keeps working, and will reactivate after rain fall, and will prevent any signs of re growth in the future.

  • Stage 4 – Total clean down of surrounding areas to create a complimentary finish

Conservatory Roof

We clean UPVC, roof beams, decorative finials, downpipes, and glass which can make your conservatory look like new again. Using our water fed poles and specialist cleaning products we are able to clean away green algae, mildew, dirt and any other staining that may be present.
Whether your conservatory roof is polycarbonate or glass, we can bring it back to its former, like new condition. If you have a glass conservatory roof, we will rinse it off with purified water meaning it dries crystal clear.

Even self-cleaning glass sometimes needs to be cleaned – particularly if your conservatory is in a shaded area or has overhanging trees around it blocking rain and light – water and UV light are fundamental requirements for self-cleaning glass to work. We offer services in Cheshire, Crewe, Sandbach, Nantwich, Middlewich & Winsford.

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